Fields of calling for investment

Nhon Hoi Industrial Park - Park A - An ideal destination for Investors Hotline: 0936 356 656 - 0905 677 990

Lĩnh vực đầu tư

Nhon Hoi Industrial Park - Park A is a concentrated, multi-industry industrial park located in the overall development of Nhon Hoi Economic Zone in Binh Dinh province, industries attracting investment include:

- Pharmaceutical Industries, Food & Beverage Industries, High - tech Industries: Producing medicinal chemistry and medicines of all kinds. Producing food of all kinds and food additives for Food Processing Industry.

- Consumer goods industry: textile, footwear, motorbike and automobile assembly; Processing of Agriculture - Forestry - Seafood; Plastic, glass.

- Building materials, interior and exterior decoration materials: Processing wood and forest products for export; packaging, sports equipment, teaching equipment.

- Supporting Industries: produce materials, accessories, spare parts, or semi-finished products for manufacturing industry, processing industry; and assemble finished products which are means of production or consumner products.

- Services Industries: Offices for lease, Banks, Post offices, tariffs, General services, Public bus stops, Product showrooms, conference areas, Vocational training centers,...

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