Overview of the Industrial Park

Nhon Hoi Industrial Park - Park A - An ideal destination for Investors Hotline: 0936 356 656 - 0905 677 990

Introduction about Nhon Hoi IP - Park A

1. Geographical location

Nhon Hoi A Urban Industrial Park belongs to Nhon Hoi Economic Zone and locating on Phuong Mai peninsula, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province. It has a total area of 630ha, of which 394ha is an Industrial park and 236ha is an urban area.

Vị trí địa lý Khu công nghiệp Nhơn Hội - Khu A

Khoảng cách từ KCN Nhơn Hội A

2. Land use planning Nhon Hoi Industrial Park - Park A
Quy hoạch sử dụng đất KCN Nhơn Hội A
3. Scale
TTType of land useLot symbolArea (ha)
IIndustrial land 394,1 
ALand for construction of factories and enterprises 262,75
1 A331,68
2 A430,88
3 A522,47
4 B130,48
5 B228,43
6 B325,17
7 B428,83
8 B527,81
9 B630,16
10 CC36,84
BĐất công trình dịch vụ – tiện ích công cộng 30,50
1 CC16,95
2 CC27,47
3 A113,34
4 A22,74
CEco-green trees, flower gardens in Industrial Park 41,63
1Eco-green treesS19,19
2Cây xanh vườn hoa KCN (8,42; 4,97; 6,77)CX1, CX2, CX320,16
3Landscape greenery (D1, D2, D3, N2, N4) 12,28
DĐất giao thông (KCN: 34,84 ha; ĐT: 18,11 ha) 52,95
EParking lot P1 (1,32 ha), P2 (0,68 ha)P1, P22,00
FTechnical infrastructure focal works 4,26
1Transformer station 110/22 KVK20,74
2Solid waste concentration groundK40,89
3Internal water supply stationCCN0,50
4Water drainageKTN2,13
IIUrban land 236,64
3. Traffice system

a/ By roads

The industrial park connects to the road transport system of the province and the whole country

- National Highway 1A: North-South arterial route.

- National Highway 1D: the west gate of Quy Nhơn city, connecting Quy Nhon with Phu Yen on National Highway 1A; and one of the strategic routes connecting the Central Coast region.

- National Highway 19: An important transport corridor connecting Quy Nhon seaport with the Central Highlands, Southern Laos and Northeast Cambodia; connecting the East-West economic corridor.

- National Highway 19B: The trunk route directly connects and shortens the journey from the industrial park to Phu Cat airport, which is an influential route that closely links from regions to Nhon Hoi Industrial Park connecting with National Highway 1A, National Highway 19.

b/ Seaport

Quy Nhon Port

As one of the three biggest international trading ports of Vietnam

Output of goods through the port: over 10 million tons/year.

5/7 wharves receive container ships 24/24 hours.

Cảng biển

c/ Airway

Phu Cat Airport:

Airlines: VietNam Airline, VietJet Airline, Jetstar Airline, Bamboo Airway.

Hàng không Phù Cát

d/ Railway

Located on the North-South railway line.

Dieu Tri Station: One of the 10 major stations in Vietnam.




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