Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park - Prime location, ready land, complete infrastructure attracting investors

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Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park - Prime location, ready land, complete infrastructure attracting investors

On the map of attracting investment in Vietnam, Nhon Hoi A IP has emerged as a bright spot attracting investment due to its full convergence of favorable conditions to meet the increasingly high demands of domestic and foreign investors such as: prime location, ready land, complete infrastructure, abundant labor force and favorable investment environment. These are important criteria helping investors evaluate the feasibility of projects because projects were located in convenient, easily deloyable locations will help businesses save costs, reduce product prices, control and seize opportunities.

Prime location, regional connectivity

Nhon Hoi A IP is located on Phuong Mai Peninsular, belongs to Nhon Hoi Economic Zone, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province. Compared to other industrial parks, Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park is located near the center of Quy Nhon City, close to Quy Nhon seaport, one of 3 biggest Seaports in VN, an important gateway on the East - West corridor, the gateway to the East Sea of the South Central, Central Highlands, and countries in the Lower Mekong region. This strategic location plays a crucial role in serving the socio-economic development process, being a focal point for importing raw materials as well as exporting not only to Binh Dinh province but also for the Central Highlands - Central region.

Not only possessing a prime location, the transportation system of Nhon Hoi A IP has been developed synchronously, connecting with other areas in the country through 4 key types (roads, rail, sea, and railway). The advantage of the transportation system creates favorable conditions for businesses investing here by facilitating easy construction, diversifying supply chains and developing product distribution channels. This helps reduce transportation time, optimize logistics costs and creating convenient conditions for enterprises.

An image of Nhon Hoi A IP taken from above

Ready land

Whether the project can be implemented quickly and conveniently depends greatly on the land and infrastructure of the investment location. Therefore, from the first days of establishing the IP, the investor of Nhon Hoi A IP has prioritized the interests of businesses, focusing on compactiveness, investing in building complete land and infrastructure, ready to hand over land immediately for investors to implement projects.

Formed on an area with good and stable geographical conditions, Nhon Hoi A IP has a synchronous sand ground, competitiveness of ground K>= 0,9, load capacity of ground is 20 tons/m2, the average above sea level of 14m, ensuring water drainage demand and suitable for the general elevation of the surrounding area, ready for delivery to investors. This helps investors save time and initial construction costs.

The images of factories and land inside Nhon Hoi A IP taken from av

Complete and synchronized infrastructure

In addition to the complete land with stable geographical conditions, Nhon Hoi A IP also offers outstanding advantages in terms of technical infrastructure system that has been fully invested, connected with neighboring areas. The internal road system is asphalt concrete pavement, the main axes are 45-80m wide, internal roads are 20-29m wide, with a load capacity of H30. At the same time, key technical infrastructure facilities, environmental sanitation, are reasonably arranged to ensure maximum satisfaction of investors’ needs. The system of electricity supply, water supply, rainwater drainage, wastewater drainage, lighting, telecommunications, etc. has also been fully invested, connected to investors' factory walls.

Traffic system and night lighting system inside Nhon Hoi A IP

Environmental protection commitment and sustainable development

To ensure the efficient and sustainable development of the IP, in parallel with preparing ready land for handover to investors, the owner of Nhon Hoi A IP - Sai Gon - Nhon Hoi Industrial Park Corporation (SNP) always prioritizes environmental protection and considers it as a measure of credibility with investors. SNP is very aware of the importance of investing in building the IP’s infrastructure closely linked to task of greening, developing green spaces, creating green - clean - beautiful landscapes towards the model of “green” IP and sustainable development.

With a green area of 42ha within the IP, Nhon Hoi A IP meets the requirements for aesthetics, establishing a green - clean - beautiful environment for Nhon Hoi A IP in general and secondary investors in particular.

The greenery and grass system in Nhon Hoi A IP

To enhance investment attraction, along with implementing “3 ready”: ready for investment land; ready for essential infrastructure; ready to support, Sai Gon - Nhon Hoi Industrial Park Corporation is always a bridge, closely coordinating with local authorities to prepare ready labor force, create an investment environment, and efficient business in the IP. Up to now, Nhon Hoi A IP has attracted more than 52 investors to lease land for investment projects with a occupancy rate of over 60%.

Customers who need to lease land to open factories at Nhon Hoi A IP, Binh Dinh province, please contact phone numbers 0905.677.990 (Ms Phuong) and 0982.791.122 (Mr.Vu) for the best advice and support!

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