Development direction and prospects of Nhon Hoi Industrial Park - Park A

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Development direction and prospects of Nhon Hoi Industrial Park - Park A

After more than 15 years of establishment and development, Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park has risen as a star attracting domestic and foreign investors in the Central – Central Highlands. Actively contribute to the industrialization and modernization process; making an important contribution to the economic restructuring of Binh Dinh towards increasing the proportion of industry, technology value, attracting domestic and foreign investment, improving the business investment environment, creating more employment opportunities for workers and protecting the ecological environment,....

Focus on completing infrastructure, meeting investors’ demand

According to Mr. Tran Thanh Hoang - Deputy General Director of the Company during the survey trip of the industrial park. Up to the present, Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park has finished technical infrastructure according to the planning of the IP, the ground is leveled and ready to be handed over, sustainable ground level ensures drainage demand. Synchronous traffic system, the main road is 45-80m wide, the internal roads are 20-29m wide. All the roads in the IP are asphalted road with 30 tons loading capacity. Technical infrastructure and environmental sanitation works are arranged appropriately, ensuring to meet the needs of investors.

Electricity system, water supply system, rainwater drainage system, wastewater treatment system, telecommunication system have been completed and installed to the fence of investor’ factory.

Develop the industrial park efficiently and sustainably

After the survey trip, we had a discussion with the Leader of the Company about the prospects and direction of Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park in the up coming time. “To make sure the industrial park has an efficient and sustainable development, in parallel with investing technical infrastructure completely, SNP also concentrates on attracting investment from domestic and foreign investors, promote the occupancy rate of the industrial park.” Mr. Vo Dinh Long said.

“From 2019 to the present, our industrial park is one of the industrial parks in Binh Dinh Province that has had a strong breakthrough in calling for investment. Within three years, we have attracted 27 investors coming and implementing their projects with land leasing of over 150 ha, total capital investment of approximately 300 million USD. Currently, the industrial park is occupied by over 60%, 40 enterprises have operated their businesses and others are in process of construction. This is an outcome of the company’s outstanding efforts in attracting investment and operating industrial park infrastructure over the past time. The next time, SNP’s going to focus on filling the IP, giving priorities to large-scale, eco-friendly and cutting-edge technology projects that contribute to the socio-economic development of the province”.

Since Nhon Hoi A IP regards supporting industries and 'clean' industries with high scientific and technological content as the key industry to promote economic development, creating a sustainable industrial park ecosystem, the company has supplemented and adjusted the 1/500 industrial park planning. One of the main contents of the adjustment is adjusting the structure and functional subdivision of industries to match the orientation and situation of investment attraction in the new period. Moreover, the IP gives priority to attract investment in environmentally friendly fields, supporting industries, electronics industry, interior and exterior wood furniture, textile industry, equipment and medical supplies, packaging, ready-built factories for rent, service facilities, industrial park utilities, … Thereby, gradually creating a 'clean' industry chain, technological growth and environmental protection go hand in hand, promoting socio-economic development in the direction of industrialization and modernization associated with the development of a sustainable industrial park ecosystem.

In terms of investing the infrastructure in the IP, SNP will continue to improve the infrastructure, enhance the quality, and carry out infrastructure maintenance ensuring effective operation and sustainable development of businesses in the IP. In addition, SNP will develop post-investment support servicesprovide utility services in the industrial park such as environmental services, ATTT services, transportation services, recruitment services and training,….

Hệ thống giao thông tại KCN Nhơn Hội A
Synchronous and complete traffic system at Nhon Hoi Industrial Park - Park A

Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park is your partner to the journey of success

“Our company aims to meet the needs of investors. We not only provide places for investors to implement the projects but we also give a variety of services to create the best benefits to investors, which is the competitive advantage making our IP different from other industrial parks. We commit to accompanying investors to create values so that we can achieve success and strong growth.” Mr. Vo Dinh Long said.

Service development in the IP is an essential development trend in the new period. The 'new phase' IP is a multi-functional area in which its main function is for production. In addition, urban - service areas have supporting function and provides social utility services for the IP such as accommodation, public facilities, research and development centers, labor training... and other synchronous social utility services and support functions.

This is a "community" link participating in cleaner production activities, towards industrial symbiosis as well as applying appropriate advanced technologies in management, cooperation, and production activities to improve the economic, social, and environmental efficiency as a whole and ensure the synchronous and sustainable development of the entire industrial park.

 “Those are the directions and prospects of Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park in the coming time. With the acumen and enthusiasm of the entire leaders and employees, as time goes on, Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park will become more complete , becoming a bright star to attract investment in the Central - Central Highlands region." Mr. Vo Dinh Long assumed.

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