Explore 7 outstanding advantages of Nhon Hoi A IP - An ideal destination for Investors

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Explore 7 outstanding advantages of Nhon Hoi A IP - An ideal destination for Investors

On the map of attracting investment in Vienam in recent years, Nhon Hoi A IP has emerged as a bright spot attracting investment due to its full convergence of favorable condition that meet the increasingly high demands of domestic and foreign investors.

Nhon Hoi A IP, invested by Sai Gon - Nhon Hoi Industrial Park Corporation (SNP), has an area of 394 hectares, belongs to Nhon Hoi Economic Zone, located on Phuong Mai Peninsular, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province. The IP possesses 7 outstanding advantages for attracting investment, making it an unmissable destination for investors.

1. Time sublease land up to 50 years, exemption of raw land sublease fee during the project life-cycle.

Investing in Nhon Hoi A IP with a land sublease time up to 50 years, investors enjoy not only the highest preferential tax rates from the Vietnamese Government but also a 100% exemption on raw land sublease fees (only paying infrastructure sublease fees to the owner). This brings attractive opportunities for businesses to save costs, better manage capital, enhance development capacity, and reduce burdens for more efficient investments.

2. Prime location, located at the center of Quy Nhon City

Nhon Hoi A IP is located near the center of Quy Nhon City, close to Quy Nhon Port, one of the 3 largest seaports in Vietnam. It is a crucial hub on the East - West corridor, serving as the gateway to the East Sea for the South Central Coast, Central Highlands and countries in MeKong river region.

This strategic location plays a vital role in serving the economic and social development process, acting as an import - export hub not only for Binh Dinh but also for the entire Central Highlands region.

3. Complete infrastructure, ready land to handover for investors

The projects can be implemented quickly and conveniently depending greatly on the ground and infrastructure of the investment location. Therefore, from the early days of establishing the IP, the owner of Nhon Hoi A IP has prioritized the benefits of businesses, completing the land and infrastructure, ready to immediately hand over land for investors to implement the projects.

In addition to having completed and stable ground, the IP also offers outstanding advantages in terms of completed and modern technical infrastructure connected seamlessly with surrounding areas. The internal road system is paved with asphalt concrete, with main roads 45-80m wide and internal roads 20-29m wide, load capacity of H30.

Furthermore, the technical and environmental infrastructure works are arranged reasonably, ensuring to meet the maximum requirements of investors. Electricity and water supply system, water and waste drainage, lighting, telecommunications,...are fully invested and connected to the fence of investors’ factories.

Images of factories and road system inside Nhon Hoi A IP

4. Convenient transportation system, connected to all the regions in the country through 4 key types: roads, sea, air, and railway

The IP has a seamless, convenient and diverse transportation infrastructure on roads (National Highway 19, 19B, 1A, 1D), seaway ( 7km from Quy Nhon Port), airway (near Phu Cat Airport), and railway (15km from Dieu Tri Station). In particular, National highway 19B is the main North-South axis of the IP, connecting with provinces and Quy Nhon Port, meeting the investor’s requirements for goods transportation.

5. Highest incentive policies for investment here

Investing in Nhon Hoi A IP, investors benefit from the highest preferential policies about taxes, specifically: for all investment projects, investors enjoy the income tax with 10% for 15 years from the time of starting business operation, an exemption for 4 years from the income tax appears and reduce 50% for the next 9 years.

For raw materials, equipment, components that Vietnam has not yet produced or produced but the quality is not satisfactory, free for 5 years from the starting date of production.

6. Abundant and high - skilled labour resources, low hiring cost compared to other localities.

There are universities: Quy Nhon University, FPT University, Quang Trung University, colleges and vocational schools each year train thousands of high - skilled workers, technical staff for the province and region. Additionally, the ability to learn and adapt to advanced technology is faster than in some other countries (as assessed by foreign investors).

Binh Dinh province has a population of 1,6 million people with over 800.000 employees, accounting for over 55% of the population. The minimum wage ranges from 135-152 USD/person/month, lower than in Danang, HCM City, Hanoi, Binhduong, Dongnai. Binh Dinh is in a demographic dividend period with an abundant, young and stable labor supply, has a capable of quickly access modern knowledge and technology. Moreover, Binh Dinh is developing the economic, attratcing the skilled workers to move back from major cities and industrial parks to work in their home province.

7. Open and favorable policies; fast and convenient administrative procedures

Binh Dinh province is also a leader in administrative reform, proactively reducing the time for processing 23 administrative procedures to within one working day. The time for handling procedures from investment policy approval to construction permit for projects in EZ, IP has been shortened to 60 days. This helps investors save time and costs on administrative procedures, promptly start construction and business operations.

With the goal of sustainable and long-term development, Nhon Hoi A IP will undoubtedly provide your company with valuable and worthy investment benefits!

For inquiries about leasing land for factories in Nhon Hoi A IP, Binh Dinh province, please contact 0905.677.990 (Ms Phuong) and 0982.791.122 (Mr. Vu) for the best advice and support!

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