Installation of Investor name direction signs in Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park

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Installation of Investor name direction signs in Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park

With an occupancy rate of 60% and over 50 investors implementing projects, Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park is becoming an attractive investment destination in the Central Highlands – Central Coast region. Along with its geographical advantages and investment incentives, the technical infrastructure in Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park has been well-established, ensuring business operations for investors, which is one of the essential factors contributing to its attractiveness and the increasing number of companies coming to build factories and develop their businesses. The development of Nhon Hoi A IP has created employment opportunities and contributed to the socio-economic development of the area.

From the beginning of the year until now, Saigon-Nhonhoi Industrial Park Corporation, the investor of Nhon Hoi A IP, has focused on renovating the IP, enhancing activities related to planting, caring for, shaping green trees, grass carpets, and installing investor-name direction signs to enhance professionalism while creating an environmental landscape.

The investor-name direction signs in Nhon Hoi A IP are strategically placed at convenient traffic locations, visible to people participating in traffic, ensuring the need to identify and move to the company or factory to find.

With the increasing number of businesses, offices, and factories arranged according to sector zoning plans, installing investor name direction signs along the roads in the IP is necessary. This not only helps create a professional image within the IP but also provides favorable conditions for investors to introduce and promote their businesses, guide directions, and help customers easily find, and identify the position of the company. These result in building trust and prestige with partners, leaving a unique impression, and contributing to the overall development of the IP.

Here are some images of investor name direction signs in Nhon Hoi A IP.

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