Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park – a significant “magnet” attracting foreign direct investment (FDI), and making breakthroughs in the economic development of Binh Dinh province

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Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park – a significant “magnet” attracting foreign direct investment (FDI), and making breakthroughs in the economic development of Binh Dinh province

Binh Dinh is a coastal province in the Central Vietnam region, serving as the central point of the North-South (National Highway 1 A, trans-Vietnam railway, domestic air routes and sea routes). It is the nearest and most convenient gateway for the Central Highlands, Southern Laos, Northeast Cambodia, and Thailand through Quy Nhon seaport and National Highway 19. It is considered strategically important for the socio-economic development of the key economic region in Central Vietnam.

To take advantage of that strength, Binh Dinh province has proactively researched, and has been approved by the Prime Minister, the planning of Nhon Hoi Economic Zone. This is seen as a mechanism to exploit the coastal advantages of Binh Dinh province. Nhon Hoi Economic Zone is an area with defined geographical boundaries within the territory and sovereignty of the nation but has a separate economic space. It provides a favorable and equal investment and business environment, including functional zones, technical and social infrastructure, service facilities, and public utilities, with preferencial policies and open management mechanism creating favorable conditions for investor in investing in production, trade, and services within the existing legal framework, continuously improving. Up to now, the infrastructure of Nhon Hoi Economic Zone has been completed technical infrastructure works, attracting significant investment capital.

Các lợi thế so sánh của KCN Nhơn Hội A

Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park belongs to Nhon Hoi Economic Zone, located in the Central of Quy Nhon City – a hub for trade, services, and international transactions in the key economic region of Central Vietnam. It has outstanding advantages in conectivity, economic exchange in the regional and international context; and is a multi-sector industrial park with a favorable location, complete, modern, and ready infrastructure to accommodate secondary investors for factory leasing.

Nhon Hoi A IP promises to be a “large magnet” attracting foreign investment and making a breakthrough in the economic development of Binh Dinh.

Ảnh KCN Nhơn Hội A nhìn từ trên cao
The image of Nhon Hoi A IP from flycam

Advantages of attracting investment of Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park

1. Strategic location

Located in the center of Quy Nhon City, a hub for trade, services, and international transactions in the Central Vietnam key economic region.

Positioned in the central part of the North-South Vietnam axis with National Highway (1A, 1D, 19, 19B), railways (Dieu Tri station), sea routes (Quy Nhon seaport), and air routes (Phu Cat airport).

2. Regional connectivity

- About 680 km from HCM City;

- About 30km from Phu Cat airport;

- About 8km to Quy Nhon port;

- About 15 km to Dieu Tri railway station.

3. Abundant Labor, Low costs

- The population of Binh Dinh is around 1,6 million, with over 55% of the population in the working age group, providing abundant labor for businesses establishing factories in the province.

- Quy Nhon City offers a minimum regional salary of only 3.640.000 VND, saving labor costs for businesses.

4. Favorable investment environment, fast legal procedures

- Favorable investment environment, fast one-stop procedures, attractive land subleasing price with flexible payment method.

- Rapid procedures for leasing land use rights, Certificate of Land Use Rights will be devided and issued after Investors finish financial obligation.

- Investors receive support for investment preparation, recruitment, and construction implementation.

- According to Decision No.4147/QD-UBND dated November 9,2023, of the People Committee of Binh Dinh province, the processing time for procedures from the approval of the investment policy to the obtaining a construction permit is shortened to half. The total processing time for investment procedure is now reduced to 60 days.

5. Significant preferential investment

Enterprise income tax

- Tax exemption for the first 4 years, 50% reduction for the next 9 years.

- Tax rate of 10% for 15 years.

- For large-scale projects with high or new technology that need to especially attract invesment will be considered higher incentives.

Import tax

- Import tax exemption for goods imported to create fixed assets.

- Free for 5 years from the starting date of production for production raw materials, materials, component, and semi-products which are not produced domesticallyor the quality of which is unsatisfactory.

Long sublease land use term, raw land tax exemption

- Nhon Hoi A IP is planned for a period of 70 years, from 2006-2076, the land lease cycle for secondary investors if full 50 years.

- Investors in Nhon Hoi A IP are exempt from raw land tax for the entire lease cycle.

Cơ sở hạ tầng KCN Nhơn Hội A
The infrastructure of Nhon Hoi A IP

6. The infrastructure of Nhon Hoi A IP

Electricity supply system

- National power grid 220KV from Phu Tai to Nhon Hoi EZ. Transformer station 220/110KV with capacity 2x125 MVA in Nhon Hoi EZ.

- Power grid 110 KV from Transformer station 110/22KV with capacity 2x163 MVA in Nhon Hoi A IP. The capacity will be increased to 150-200 MVA to meet the need of the investor.

- Transformer station will be installed in the factory in accordance with invetsor’s need by PC Binh Dinh.

Water supply system

- Production and domestic water supplied through the pressure boosting station at Nhon Hoi EZ.

- Current water supply capacity is 12.000m3/ day and night, with phase 2 expected to increase capacity to 40.000m3/day and night.

- Fire hydrants are installed along the internal roads in the IP.

Drainage and waste water treatment system

- Rainwater draignage system: according to the traffic routes of the IP, there are rainwater collection pipes, surface water in the investor’s factory is connected to this pipe.

- Waste water draignage system: Are installed from the fence of factory to collect waste water from factories and concentrate at wastewater treatment plant of the IP.

- Total wastewater treatment capacity is 7.550 m3/day and night.

Communication systems

- Telecommunication network at the IP meets international standards with various service types.

- Investors directly contract with service providers for services such as internet, landline phones, fax, etc.

Green trees and Landscape System

According to the plan, green trees and flower gardens cover 11% of the IP’s land area. The investor of Nhon Hoi A IP focuses on caring for green tree and flower systems, ensuring freshness and contributing to the beauty of the IP landscape.

Traffice system

- Roads are paved with asphalt concrete, cement concrete, with load-bearing capacity of H30 – XB80.

- The main axis road has an 80m width.

- Internal roads have widths ranging from 20m to 65m.

- There are two parking lots covering an area of 2 hectares.

- Roads are fully equipped with lighting systems.

7. Fields of calling for investment in Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park

- Pharmaceutical industries, food & beverage industries, high-tech industries: producing medicinal chemistry and medicines of all kinds. Producing food of all kinds ad food additives for food processing industry.

- Consumer goods industry: textile, footwear, motorbike and automobile assembly; processing of agriculture – forestry – seafood; plastic, glass.

- Building materials, interior and exterior decoration materials: processing wood and forest products for export; packaging, sports equipment, teaching equipment.

- Supporting industries: produce materials, accessories, spare parts, or semi-finished products for manufacturing industry, processing industry; and assemble finished products which are means of production or consumer products.

- Services industries: offices for lease, banks, post offices, tariffs, general services, public bus stops, product showrooms, conference areas, vocational training centers,…

In order to boost economic and social development for the province, enhance production and export capacity, and tightly connect economic benefits with environmental protection; the investor of Nhon Hoi A IP prioritizes attracting high-tech projects with large-scale investments, applying clean, modern, and environmentally friendly production processes, aims to ensure the sustainable development of the IP’s ecosystem.

Possessing a strategic geographical location, Nhon Hoi A IP is highly appreciated by investors for its comprehensive and modern planning; good geological and stable conditions, allowing investors to save construction.

After the implementation period of investing in the construction of transportation, technical infrastructure, water supply, wastewater treatment, and electricity supply, up to now, Nhon Hoi A IP is ready to welcome secondary investors for factory leasing. It offers available land, complete and modenr infrastructure, low land rental rates, along with numerous incentives and investment support from the owner of Nhon Hoi A IP.

For customers interested in leasing land for opening factories in Nhon Hoi A IP, Binh Dinh province, please contact Mr. Vu at the phone number 0982 791 122 for the best advice and assistance!

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