The highest investment incentive policy

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The highest investment incentive policy

Land sublease time is fully 50 years. Exemption of raw land sublease fee during the project life-cycle.

Preferential policies
1 Preference on corporate income tax


For all investment projects:

- Apply the tax rate of 10% for 15 years from the time the project goes into production and business, in which:

+ The first 4 years since the project has income: completely tax free

+ Next 9 years: 50% off

- After the preferential period: Apply at the current tax rate according to the Government's regulations

For large-scale projects with high or new technology that need special investment attraction, the competent authority will consider higher incentives.
2 Exemption of Import Tax

- For equipment, machinery (attached accessories), special-use means of transport in technological lines, construction materials that cannot be produced domestically or are produced not up to quality standards.

- Import tax exemption for goods imported to create fixed assets.

- Exemption from import tax for 5 years for raw materials that are not available in the country or are produced not up to standards.

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