Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park: Ready ground, complete infrastructure to welcome investors

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Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park: Ready ground, complete infrastructure to welcome investors

Having a ready ground and completed infrastructure are crucial factors in attracting investment. This is one of the criteria for evaluating the efectiveness of an investment project’s location, as a project can be quickly and conveniently implemented will help investors save a significant amount of costs, control and seize opportunities.

On the map of investment attraction in Vietnam, Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park stands out as a bright spot for attracting investment by its convergence of favorable conditions that meet the increasing demands of investors. These include a ready ground, completed infrastructure, strategic location, abundant young labor force, favorable and stable investment environment.

The ground was leveled and filled.

The quick and convenient implementation of a project depends greatly on the ground and the infrastructure of the investment location. Therefore, from the early days of establishing the IP, the investor of Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park has placed the interests of businesses as a top priority, focusing on speeding up the leveling work, investing in completing the ground and the infrastructure, ready to hand over the ground for investors to implement their projects.

Formed in an area with good and stable geological conditions, Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park has a synchronous sand ground, compactiveness of ground K=0,9, load capacity of ground 20 tons/m2, the average elevation above sea level 14m, ensuring water drainage requirements and being compatitive with the general elevation of surrounding area, ready for hand over to investors. This will help investors save time and initial construction costs.

Completed and synchronized infrastructure

Besides having a fully completed ground with good and stable geological conditions, Nhon Hoi A Industrial Park also owns a superior advantage in terms of the technical infrastructure system that has been invested completely and synchronously, integrated with surrounding area. The internal transportation system is paved with asphalt concrete, the main roads with a width of 45-80 meters wide, the internal roads with a width of 20-29 meters wide, the load capacity of H30, and night lighting system on the roads.

Key technical infrastructure works and environmental sanitation facilities are rationally arranged to ensure to meet the maximum of investor’s requirement. Electricity system, water system, rainwater collection system, wastewater treatment system, and telecommunications system were fully invested and connected to the investor’s factory walls.

Environmental protection commitment and sustainable development

To ensure effective and sustainable development of the IP, in parallel with the preparation of a ready ground for handover to investors, the Investor of Nhon Hoi A IP – Saigon – Nhonhoi Industrial Park Corporation (SNP) always places environmental protection as a priority and sees this as a measure of credibility towards investors. SNP is fully aware of the importance of investing in building the IP’s infrastructure, which is closely linked to the task of “greening”, developing green spaces, creating a green – clean – beautiful landscape, driving to the model of strong and sustainable development of an eco-industrial park.

With 42 hectares of green trees within the IP, Nhon Hoi A IP has established a green – environment team including experienced-staff with many years of experience in caring for greene trees. This team is responsible for creating a landscape within the IP to ensure practical benefits in term of aesthetic and protect the environment of the IP.

To enhance investment attraction, along with the implementation of the “3 ready” strategy: ready in terms of investment ground; ready in terms of essential infrastructure; ready to support; Sai Gon – Nhon Hoi Industrial Park Corporation is always a bridge, closely coordinating with the local authorities to prepare available labor force, buid an effective investment and business environment in the IP. Until now, Nhon Hoi A IP has attracted more than 50 domestic and foreign investors to invest in building factories with an occupancy rate of about 60%.

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